And It Begins

You know that really annoying phrase “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”? Well I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fat. I just had my second child almost 8 weeks ago and the other day, with the baby weight from two children still loitering around my midsection, thighs, arms, face …(you get the picture), I told my best friend “I’m done being fat.” Completely over it. Can’t take it any more. A fork has just appeared along my path of life and I’m choosing to take the healthy road. And I hope you’ll join me. As I go from where I am now to where I hope to be, I invite you along for the ride. Whether you hope to get into shape as well, or are just curious about my progress, I officially fling the doors of my personal struggles and successes wide open.

I was never overly heavy as a kid or in high school but I certainly wasn’t a bean pole, or even in shape for that matter. Sure, I was involved in mildly physically active organizations like danceline and the first few practices of indoor track each year but it more for the socialization and less for the physical activity. My lowest post-high school weight is was in the mid 130′s but now I’m consistently tipping the scales at 200 or more. Yikes! And on my 5’4″, I’m just pounds away from the BMI chart label of “morbidly obese”. Double Yikes! Sure, when my BMI considered me “over weight” I thought, “Eh, I’ve always had a little extra weight on me, I can lose it, no problem and certainly no biggie.” And then when my BMI revealed I was obese I chalked it up to baby weight, a temporary set back. Again, no problem, no biggie. But morbidly obese? MORBIDLY OBESE?? That’s something other people are labeled as, just like a house fire or the loss of a spouse are things that happen to someone else. We know these life-altering events affect the lives of others but not ourselves. Until you look at the scale nearly 8 weeks postpartum and you’re still more than 50 pound over your healthy weight.

So, here my journey begins. My goal is to not only get fit and lose weight (I’d love to see 130 again!) but to do so in the same way I try to approach everything in my life, simply, naturally, and holistically.

Your support is what I’m hoping will keep me going.

So stay healthy and thanks for reading,



6 thoughts on “And It Begins

    • Basically the plan is to one, eat healthier (whole, natural, unprocessed foods) and two, be as active as I can with planned workouts such as weight lifting sessions, high intensity interval training, etc. and non-workouts like swimming, walking, hiking, biking.


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