My Current Workout Regime

Good morning my radiant readers! Today I’d like to share with you what I am currently doing in terms of working out. With one kid demanding that I partake with him in a variety of gravity defying 2 year old activities every 5 minutes and the other attached to my boob more often than not, going to the gym is hardly an option. Unless, of course, the gym offered to come to my house complete with child care services. In which case I would say ‘Adios!’ and bolt for the spa before they realized that I’d rather have a pedicure than visible biceps.

So I have from when my husband gets home until we go to bed to get all of my fat burning cardio and muscle sculpting weight training in. Luckily it’s beautiful here in northeast Ohio and  I have our nearly deserted back country road at my disposal and my best friend who lives right around the corner is working out with me and has a pseudo-gym in her basement. So here’s what she and I are doing as of now:

Cardio 3 times a week which consists of interval training which looks like this:

1 minute walking warmup

10  sets of 30 seconds of all out sprinting and 45 seconds of walking

This workout only takes about 15 minutes but it really gets the heart pumping and the sweat glands producing! The idea behind the intervals is to keep the heart rate up and keep it up without having to run for a full 15 minutes.

Weight lifting 2 times a week

The evening before last I worked out with my friend and her fiance and our workout looked like this:

3 x 12 sets of bench presses (I could only lift the bar with no added weights)

3 x 12 sets of hammer curls

3 x 12 sets of squats with the bench press bar

3 x 12 sets of calf raises, again with bench bar

3 x 12 sets of bar lifts (I really have no idea what they’re called but you hold a bar (half the length of a bench bar) at your hips and while lifting it, palms down towards the floor, to your chin while flexing back and shoulder muscles)

With bicycle crunches and wall sits between sets.

So that’s my workout plan for the next few weeks! I’ll keep you posted on how its going!

Tomorrow I’ll share what I’ve been eating 🙂

Stay healthy!




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