My Current Eating Plan and Freezer Meals

I’d like to share with you what I’m attempting to eat every day. I think food has been a huge problem for me. I use food to solve just about every problem that people say not to use food to solve. Boredom, sadness, stress, tiredness. You name it and I’ll ‘solve” it with food. Although any of us that do that know that it doesn’t really solve anything. So I had to create a meal plan so that I could hold myself accountable for my eating habits.

A little side note: My dinners are described as “freezer meals.” When I was pregnant I went hog wild and made a ton of meals that I was  able to freeze and then pull out of the freezer periodically after the baby came and I was unable to take the time to cook dinner. They contain a variety of meals such as Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf (paleo), Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells, Pasta Milano (our favorite), Smothered Chicken Casserole, and Cheeseburger Casserole. These meals aren’t necessarily super healthy and in the case of the Smothered Chicken Casserole, not healthy in the least. But they were easy to make in bulk and freeze, which is what I was going for. Plus, to the honest, the last thing I wanted after pushing out a baby was to worry about how nutrient dense my diet was. I wanted comfort food! So I still allow one meal a day to be “not quite as healthy as the rest.” At least until all the freezer meals are gone and then I’ll reevaluate.


So this is what I have written and stuck to my fridge as a guide:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (I don’t add anything to it but Almond Milk)

Snack: Fruit and Plain Greek Yogurt with Flaxseed (I actually just blend some frozen fruit with about a tablespoon of yogurt, 4 ounces or more of almond milk and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed into a delicious smoothie that I can sip on for a few hours)

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad

Snack: Raw Veggies with a few Hard Boiled Eggs

Dinner: Freezer Meal

Snack: Cottage Cheese with Peaches


So I really don’t follow this to a T. Some days I switch up the order of things and other days I eat something else completely. But it’s nice to at least have an ideal meal plan mapped out so that when hunger strikes you don’t have to think about what to eat, you can just refer to the meal plan and you know it’ll be healthy. And taking decision making out of the eating process makes it harder to eat foods that aren’t optimum. Most of the time 🙂


Another note abut the way that I eat. And this goes for prior to the lifestyle changes I’ve made in order to loose weight. I absolutely will always choose real, whole, and natural foods over something processed. That means that despite the caloric/fat/sugar content I will always use butter over margarine, real eggs over egg white cartons, and sugar over aspartame. I think, that while some ingredients found in natural foods is not good in excess, that chemicals are not good EVER. We were not designed to consume chemicals and other man-made products. But that doesn’t mean that if you happen see me eat a hot dog and wash it down with kool-aid that you can point and yell “But you said…!!”


So stay healthy my lovely readers and thanks for stopping by.

More Tomorrow!



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