I Am A Fit Goddess!!: Motivation Through Words Of Affirmation

“You are a fit goddess!” my friend screams at me out of her front window as I get into my car after a grueling workout at her house. How great is that? Even though it’s less than true, who cares? It sure feels great to hear.

One thing that we can all benefit when striving towards a new goal is a steady flow of words of affirmation. Uplifting mantras not only make give us a confidence boost (“Yes, I AM a fit goddess!!”) but they also give us a motivational kick in the butt to work harder (Even if I’m not now, I am soon GOING TO BE a fit goddess!!”)

Here’s a great article about the benefits of encouragement. Take a minute to peruse.

So even if you aren’t working towards a goal yourself that could use verbal uplifts someone else probably is! Make that person’s day by offering some heartfelt affirmation. You’ll not only offer them the encouragement they need but you’ll feel better too!

Stay healthy my little cherubs and find someone to commend!



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