When life gives you TV, work out to it!

So it’s no secret that our society is full of a bunch of lazy butts that just sit around in their free time and watch TV, while checking up on Facebook, while scoping ideas on Pintrest, while scanning videos on YouTube and tweeting about the whole thing. But let’s get one thing straight. TV is a great invention. I don’t condone excessive watching, but as an extrovert who spends a lot of time home alone (and by alone I mean without anyone over the age of two) flipping on the tube every now and again makes me feel not so alone. So when my friend sent me this website I thought maybe the universe had heard my new and healthy fitness loving self arguing with my old lonely TV loving self and decided to solve my problem.

I present to you: TV Show Workouts!




Scandal’s one of my favorite shows so this will be a great one. Plus Olivia is almost always in white so I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of shoulder presses, sumo squats (I don’t even know what those are) and russian twists.


I don’t really watch friends anymore since I basically only do Netflix but this routine just may have me calling my sister to ask if I can borrow all 10 of her seasons.


I haven’t been watching this season because I don’t care for what’s-her-face but I’ll have to try this the the next time I decide to watch it (which may be not be ever again because is anyone else really tired of the producers making the show exponentially more unnecessarily dramatic each season? And those previews? Come on! Totally misleading!)Image


Because who doesn’t love this show? Maybe this workout will get me closer to having legs like Zoey Deschanel.


Maybe one of the best shows alongside Parks and Recreation. If this workout had been around when I binged on this show and watch all of the seasons in an ungodly amount of time I’d be out walking the town in my bathing suit instead of blogging about being excited at being under 200 pounds.


And this show is just so raunchy that one can burn the same amount of calories as this workout just by watching from the couch. I think I sweat my entire day’s worth of water every time Alex screws over Piper. Maybe that’s a sign of being too invested in a fictional character’s emotional state.



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