Bambinos Still Need Fed

Some very weird things have been going on this week.  I’m generally a healthy individual. Nothing really keeps me down in the health department but twice this week I’ve had a debilitating headache accompanied by nausea. My 2 year old son is sick but his is respiratory so I’m sure the two aren’t related. Today it took everything I had to get off of the couch to feed either me or the baby. Thank goodness my son was at my mother-in-laws as he is every Thursday or I would have really be struggling. I think Aubrey knew something was up because she slept a lot today, which in turn meant I was able to sleep a lot. But now it’s backfiring because it’s midnight and she’s been awake the past three hours and I’ve been trying to sleep for the past two.

I really hope that whatever’s going on resolves itself soon. It’s been hard to stay on track with being healthy. I either don’t want to eat or once I do it’s been so long since I have that I eat everything in sight. No consistencies with the diet. Which I’m sure is wreaking all sorts of havoc on my metabolism. Just when it starts to think it has to go into starvation mode and hoard everything that goes into my stomach for the long, cold, food less months ahead, BAM! Ice cream, pizza, chicken salad, fruit!  I don’t mind keeping the fruit in my belly for energy later, but the rest can go. And if I can barely make it off the couch to feed my poor defenseless 10 week old bambino you can probably imagine how working out is going. It’s not.

Here’s to hoping that next week I can be 1. Healthier and 2. More consistent in my endeavors.


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