Weekly Weigh-In

You guys won’t believe this. The scale in my bathroom is right next to a floor mat. This week I discovered that sometimes if, when I pull it away from the wall to use, it gets pulled out too far the rug actually supports of the weight of me while standing on the scale causing a 4-5 pound miscalculation. Last week I wasn’t 197, the carpet tricked me! I was weighing myself off and on all week and never saw a number under 200 and thought it was strange until this morning when I weighed myself and discovered the rug issue. So today’s official weight it 201.6 and last week’s was probably similar. I’m still looking forward to when I never see a number above 200 again. I thought that the initial pound lost when loosing weight sort of “melted off” and that people didn’t have trouble getting past plateaus until further along in the weight loss journey. And while my diet and exercise patterns could be more consistent and committed, I’m  still eating better than I used to and, of course, the exercise is a big change. So why is the scale being so stubborn? Maybe I need to re-evaluate my methods and make adjustments.

Here’s a glimpse of what my current changes besides the exercise have been.

This Month’s Goals

1. No added sugar (Which I’ve been doing pretty well with. We quit buying sweets and I even went as far as tossing anything from the house that had sugar as one of the first 4 ingredients. If you ever go through your cupboards and fridge and do the same you’ll be astonished at the items that contain a lot of sugar! Give it a try! Not eating sweets while at parties has been a little harder. Like when someone throws a birthday get together and all they serve is cake? How do you not eat any without it being a big deal? I don’t want it to seem as if I’m taking the attention away from the birthday boy and placing it on my new diet goals.)

2. Drink more water (This one hasn’t been too hard as it’s summer and I’ve been drinking a lot anyhow. One thing I’d like to try to do more of is drink water first when I think I’m hungry in case I’m actually just thirsty.)

3. Exercise everyday (With a busy household that hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped.)

4. Go to bed hungry (It’s so hard to sit down and have a proper meal when taking car of the kids, so I often do the bulk of my eating once they go to bed and I have time to relax. I usually sit on the couch in front of the TV and stress eat. This goal has been hard to break.)

5. No eating in front of the TV (Refer to goal number 4.)


Next Month’s Goals will probably be the same minus numbers 1 and 2 which I’ll swap for something new.


Well guys and gals, stay healthy and stay tuned 🙂



2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In

  1. Oh, so sorry that your scale was doing that! I found this to be an issue with my old scale, too. It couldn’t be on any soft surface! I ended up taking it to the porch and weighing in, LOL. Now I use my Wii fit board….if you forget those little pegs that you’re supposed to use when playing on carpet your weight could be lowered by 20lbs! LOL I think your goals are great! I especially like the “no eating in front of the tv” goal. I had to break that habit, too. However, my toddler has helped me do that – we sit at the table together to eat 🙂 Good luck with your goals!!


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