If You’re Right, I’m A Dutchman

I love dutch braids. Or as I called them when I was a kid, inside out braids. (I didn’t even know they were dutch braids until recently.)

French and Dutch braids are so easy to do and are so easy to wear. A terrible hair day can be given a quick 180 turnaround simply by putting in a braid.


It took a while for braids to be as suitable for adults as they currently are and I can’t be more elated that they’re currently all the rage.


An important note for those of us above the age of 15 or so is to keep the braid loose and full. Anything too tight or polished can begin to look juvenile. The romantic/bohemian look is much more flattering for the adult group of braid wearers.



If you’d like a step by step explanation of this particular look just say so in the comments and I’ll make sure to do that for you 🙂




2 thoughts on “If You’re Right, I’m A Dutchman

  1. ok – you got me. What’s the difference between Dutch braids and French braids and how do you do them? I think braids look so romantic somehow and would love to be able to do this with my hair. How? Please?


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