The Holiday Weekend and Random Tid-Bits

Hi Beautifuls!

 I hope your holiday weekend was safe and extremely, extremely fun. I love holidays because that means lots and lot of time spent with family. We spent the 4th at my sisters, saw her and her husband and my parents again on Saturday for boating and then spent today with the whole family, cousins and all! 

My eating went as expected, I entered the scene with pure intentions and then they quickly flew out the window once the spread of food was in sight. But luckily my family is pretty healthy and so the food choices weren’t too destructive.

My mom is eating clean, which you can read all about herehere, and here, and I think that I’m really going to start focusing my eating habits to follow more closely with that eating style. I know that basics of healthy eating and am a fan of such diets (and by “diets” I mean lifelong eating habits, not a short term restriction of foods eaten) as paleo, clean eating, raw foods, and pescetarianism. But I think clean eating is the one that everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, preferences, or lifestyles, should implement more of. So that’s what’s on my mind as we enter into a new week.

In other news, the scale hasn’t been moving much so I’m curious what tomorrow’s weight in will be. Will I finally be under 200? Let’s hope so! I could use a motivational boost the start the week.

Well chick-a-dees, More tomorrow!

Stay healthy,






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