Weekly Weigh-In

Today’s post is going to be short. I entered our dining room earlier after dealing with my daughter in the living room to find that my son had squirted an entire new bottle of sunscreen all over our leather bench and my leather purse. Plus, over the weekend I determined that Jacob has been watching too much TV and so we’re embarking on a week long purge to stop the urge. It’ll be a fun day 🙂

So my official weight this morning was 201.0. Still not as low as I’d hoped but it was really no surprise as I’d sort of been keeping tabs with it over the week and knew I’d probably still be at 200 or higher. But as I look back to my first weigh-in on June 16th, my weight then was 202.4 and so while I haven’t lost as much as I’ve wanted, at least I’m moving in the right direction.

So my commitment this week is to REALLY STICK to a better diet. Surely I can find the willpower to follow a basic eating regimine. As long as I don’t leave the house, haha!

I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time, stay awesome.



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