Weigh-In Results

And the results are in…….201.0. The exact same as last week. Buuuut, I can’t really be to upset since I haven’t worked out since last Monday. My knee as been bothering me and so I decided to give it a rest for a few days and then the circus came to town Thursday and family came over to visit Friday Saturday, and Sunday. Plus, last night when The Aunts came over the play cards I ate a ton of chips and so I’m hoping a little bit of my weight is water weight 😉 meaning I may have actually lost half a pound or so since last Monday. 

I did pretty good with my diet today, which I was proud of. I had a salad for lunch, some AMAZING HOMEMADE HUMMUS with baby carrots for a snack, and some tortilla chips covered in a venison, corn, and black bean taco filling. And I snuck in one remaining tiny brownie left over from the weekend as dessert. 

Tomorrow my goal is to One, not over eat, and Two, get some yummy fruit in since I didn’t have any today. 

And there will probably be a photo update in the next day or two.

Until tomorrow,



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