Loving Me Some Awesome Followers Right Now

My theory was right! I weighed myself this morning and saw 200.2 on the scale. So I’m guessing that yesterday’s weight was a bit of water weight from my salty food intake. I doubt I lost almost a whole pound in one day as it’s taken me weeks just to lose a few pounds. But check out how close I am to FINALLY being under 200 again!

I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you following along on this journey with me. Knowing that you’re rooting for me makes me want to work that much harder, almost like I have to prove myself to you. My family will love me no matter what so I can stay fat and slovenly and they’ll just love me to the cheese filled moon and back.

But you. Nope. You need results. You don’t know me from Adam. And the only way that I can prove to you that I’m worth knowing better is to follow through with my commitments.

I mean, who could possibly be inspired by a weight loss blog where the blogger loses no weight? I’m not only not helping myself, but I’m not helping anyone else either.

So keep up the following and keep up the cheering on! It’s keeping me motivated and for that I am so grateful!


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