Just Stopping By….

Hi All,

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know how things have been going. I haven’t been doing much different this week but most of my weight checks have been under 200! I’m really excited to see what tomorrow’s official recorded weight will be. I’m hoping 198 or lower 🙂 Last week I was 201 even so a weight of 198 or lower will be my biggest loss in one week as of yet, and that’ll be really exciting.

And later today I’ll be taking photos for my weight loss photo update! So definitely check back in later for that.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well. We’ll be spending some time today getting some things gathered for a garage sale in August. I’m currently really inspired to reduce our number of possessions. Fighting our societies obsession with consumerism and all that…

Sometimes I forget just how few physical possessions we really need and I find myself collecting an array of “stuffs” before remembering that all of those things just make more work for ourselves. More things owned means less money for other things, more stuff to clean, organize, and keep track of, and more time spent in general thinking about the things we own.

“I like this, how can I get another one, or the next one, on sale?”

“Now I need another something to go with this new something I just got. Because, well, they go together and all.”

“While I was showing my friend this one thing she told me about a better version, maybe I should try that and compare the two.”

“Let’s rearrange our things, move them around, switch it up a bit. No, I don’t like that. Let’s move it all back.”

Doesn’t it just get exhausting after a while?

I like every now and again being reminded about this and sort of doing a “clean sweep” of my things. Attempting to reach bare minimum is so fun and refreshing.




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