Just Stopping By….

Hi All,

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know how things have been going. I haven’t been doing much different this week but most of my weight checks have been under 200! I’m really excited to see what tomorrow’s official recorded weight will be. I’m hoping 198 or lower 🙂 Last week I was 201 even so a weight of 198 or lower will be my biggest loss in one week as of yet, and that’ll be really exciting.

And later today I’ll be taking photos for my weight loss photo update! So definitely check back in later for that.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well. We’ll be spending some time today getting some things gathered for a garage sale in August. I’m currently really inspired to reduce our number of possessions. Fighting our societies obsession with consumerism and all that…

Sometimes I forget just how few physical possessions we really need and I find myself collecting an array of “stuffs” before remembering that all of those things just make more work for ourselves. More things owned means less money for other things, more stuff to clean, organize, and keep track of, and more time spent in general thinking about the things we own.

“I like this, how can I get another one, or the next one, on sale?”

“Now I need another something to go with this new something I just got. Because, well, they go together and all.”

“While I was showing my friend this one thing she told me about a better version, maybe I should try that and compare the two.”

“Let’s rearrange our things, move them around, switch it up a bit. No, I don’t like that. Let’s move it all back.”

Doesn’t it just get exhausting after a while?

I like every now and again being reminded about this and sort of doing a “clean sweep” of my things. Attempting to reach bare minimum is so fun and refreshing.




My Week of (Hopeful) Weight Loss

I haven’t really been keeping track of my weight this week and so tomorrow’s weigh in is something I’m definitely anticipating. I was suppose to be super strict with my eating this week but that just didn’t work out. It’s so much harder to make this a lifestyle than I thought. I still feel like healthy choices are a chore (most of the time). We took the kids to the circus on Thursday, which Jacob loved. For about 30 minutes. And then he was more interested in just walking around outside of the big tent where all the animals were being kept. Aubrey slept the whole time.

060 064 066 069

Anyhow, we ate about 2 hours before we left and of course while we were there Jacob complained about being hungry and I was a feeling bit hungry myself (although I probably really wasn’t). And so he had popcorn and I had a hot dog. That was all they had. But if I’d planned it better I would have brought food for us to eat. I don’t know what’s easier, spending the extra time and energy (and money) on healthy snacks to have on hand all the time or just not eating when you’re not truly hungry. Obviously the ultimate goal is to only eat when you’re truly hungry and then when you do, for it to be as healthy as you can, planned snacks and all. Where to begin though? I suppose with a little but of both.

Oh well, I just hope that the healthy choices that I did make this week, which included lots of salads and just not eating as much as I would have before, has paid off with a loss on the scale tomorrow.

And guess what else is coming up soon….. And update with pictures!!! I took the last set in the middle of last month so I’m due for another photo shoot and a little look-see at what sort of physical progress I’ve made. I’m pretty excited because since I hadn’t lost pounds between the last two sets of pictures that there was a physical difference. I hope the same happens this time.

Well guys, that’s really it for now. I hope all of your healthy habit battles are more easily conquered than mine.

Stay healthy and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for the weigh in,


The Holiday Weekend and Random Tid-Bits

Hi Beautifuls!

 I hope your holiday weekend was safe and extremely, extremely fun. I love holidays because that means lots and lot of time spent with family. We spent the 4th at my sisters, saw her and her husband and my parents again on Saturday for boating and then spent today with the whole family, cousins and all! 

My eating went as expected, I entered the scene with pure intentions and then they quickly flew out the window once the spread of food was in sight. But luckily my family is pretty healthy and so the food choices weren’t too destructive.

My mom is eating clean, which you can read all about herehere, and here, and I think that I’m really going to start focusing my eating habits to follow more closely with that eating style. I know that basics of healthy eating and am a fan of such diets (and by “diets” I mean lifelong eating habits, not a short term restriction of foods eaten) as paleo, clean eating, raw foods, and pescetarianism. But I think clean eating is the one that everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, preferences, or lifestyles, should implement more of. So that’s what’s on my mind as we enter into a new week.

In other news, the scale hasn’t been moving much so I’m curious what tomorrow’s weight in will be. Will I finally be under 200? Let’s hope so! I could use a motivational boost the start the week.

Well chick-a-dees, More tomorrow!

Stay healthy,






Weekly Weigh-In

It’s a great start of the week here at the McCune household! Down to 197! Woot woot! Finally seeing some movement on the scale sure is reassuring. Yea, I’d definitely hoped to have slaughtered more pounds by now but progress is progress right? Does anyone else find summer a challenging time to practice self discipline?

June, for our family, is full of temptation laden events. My son turned two the 9th. Party. Father’s Day was the week after that. Party. Then my husband’s stepfather had a birthday the 20th. Party. And my father and sister’s birthdays were the 21st. Party. And of course all of these parties have lots and lots of food. And then there’s the parades, car shows, festivals. All of which have those wonderful food trucks. Summer just screams elephant ears and corn dogs and who can say no such an alluring tagline? The temptations are great. And at a time of the year where a sense of abandonment has seemed to have blanketed us on these warm carefree days who wants to feel confined by restriction?

Thank goodness, then, for wonderful weather that allows for walks, runs, bike rides, and swims. I’d much rather eat more of the food I love and counterbalance it with some good old physical activity than to restrict myself to seemingly unsustainable amounts of food.

I hope that you, readers, are also enjoying the many fun things that come with summer.

Stay healthy,