My Week of (Hopeful) Weight Loss

I haven’t really been keeping track of my weight this week and so tomorrow’s weigh in is something I’m definitely anticipating. I was suppose to be super strict with my eating this week but that just didn’t work out. It’s so much harder to make this a lifestyle than I thought. I still feel like healthy choices are a chore (most of the time). We took the kids to the circus on Thursday, which Jacob loved. For about 30 minutes. And then he was more interested in just walking around outside of the big tent where all the animals were being kept. Aubrey slept the whole time.

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Anyhow, we ate about 2 hours before we left and of course while we were there Jacob complained about being hungry and I was a feeling bit hungry myself (although I probably really wasn’t). And so he had popcorn and I had a hot dog. That was all they had. But if I’d planned it better I would have brought food for us to eat. I don’t know what’s easier, spending the extra time and energy (and money) on healthy snacks to have on hand all the time or just not eating when you’re not truly hungry. Obviously the ultimate goal is to only eat when you’re truly hungry and then when you do, for it to be as healthy as you can, planned snacks and all. Where to begin though? I suppose with a little but of both.

Oh well, I just hope that the healthy choices that I did make this week, which included lots of salads and just not eating as much as I would have before, has paid off with a loss on the scale tomorrow.

And guess what else is coming up soon….. And update with pictures!!! I took the last set in the middle of last month so I’m due for another photo shoot and a little look-see at what sort of physical progress I’ve made. I’m pretty excited because since I hadn’t lost pounds between the last two sets of pictures that there was a physical difference. I hope the same happens this time.

Well guys, that’s really it for now. I hope all of your healthy habit battles are more easily conquered than mine.

Stay healthy and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for the weigh in,



Weekly Weigh-In

You guys won’t believe this. The scale in my bathroom is right next to a floor mat. This week I discovered that sometimes if, when I pull it away from the wall to use, it gets pulled out too far the rug actually supports of the weight of me while standing on the scale causing a 4-5 pound miscalculation. Last week I wasn’t 197, the carpet tricked me! I was weighing myself off and on all week and never saw a number under 200 and thought it was strange until this morning when I weighed myself and discovered the rug issue. So today’s official weight it 201.6 and last week’s was probably similar. I’m still looking forward to when I never see a number above 200 again. I thought that the initial pound lost when loosing weight sort of “melted off” and that people didn’t have trouble getting past plateaus until further along in the weight loss journey. And while my diet and exercise patterns could be more consistent and committed, I’m  still eating better than I used to and, of course, the exercise is a big change. So why is the scale being so stubborn? Maybe I need to re-evaluate my methods and make adjustments.

Here’s a glimpse of what my current changes besides the exercise have been.

This Month’s Goals

1. No added sugar (Which I’ve been doing pretty well with. We quit buying sweets and I even went as far as tossing anything from the house that had sugar as one of the first 4 ingredients. If you ever go through your cupboards and fridge and do the same you’ll be astonished at the items that contain a lot of sugar! Give it a try! Not eating sweets while at parties has been a little harder. Like when someone throws a birthday get together and all they serve is cake? How do you not eat any without it being a big deal? I don’t want it to seem as if I’m taking the attention away from the birthday boy and placing it on my new diet goals.)

2. Drink more water (This one hasn’t been too hard as it’s summer and I’ve been drinking a lot anyhow. One thing I’d like to try to do more of is drink water first when I think I’m hungry in case I’m actually just thirsty.)

3. Exercise everyday (With a busy household that hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped.)

4. Go to bed hungry (It’s so hard to sit down and have a proper meal when taking car of the kids, so I often do the bulk of my eating once they go to bed and I have time to relax. I usually sit on the couch in front of the TV and stress eat. This goal has been hard to break.)

5. No eating in front of the TV (Refer to goal number 4.)


Next Month’s Goals will probably be the same minus numbers 1 and 2 which I’ll swap for something new.


Well guys and gals, stay healthy and stay tuned 🙂



Weekly Weigh-In

It’s a great start of the week here at the McCune household! Down to 197! Woot woot! Finally seeing some movement on the scale sure is reassuring. Yea, I’d definitely hoped to have slaughtered more pounds by now but progress is progress right? Does anyone else find summer a challenging time to practice self discipline?

June, for our family, is full of temptation laden events. My son turned two the 9th. Party. Father’s Day was the week after that. Party. Then my husband’s stepfather had a birthday the 20th. Party. And my father and sister’s birthdays were the 21st. Party. And of course all of these parties have lots and lots of food. And then there’s the parades, car shows, festivals. All of which have those wonderful food trucks. Summer just screams elephant ears and corn dogs and who can say no such an alluring tagline? The temptations are great. And at a time of the year where a sense of abandonment has seemed to have blanketed us on these warm carefree days who wants to feel confined by restriction?

Thank goodness, then, for wonderful weather that allows for walks, runs, bike rides, and swims. I’d much rather eat more of the food I love and counterbalance it with some good old physical activity than to restrict myself to seemingly unsustainable amounts of food.

I hope that you, readers, are also enjoying the many fun things that come with summer.

Stay healthy,


July Pictorial Progress Report

The first photo in each set was taken May 5th, 2 weeks postpartum.

The second photo in each set was taken June 14th, just over 6 weeks later.

Not much has happened on the scale (Down a total of one pound. On a good day.) But I can see that just the few workout sessions that I’ve had has made a small difference. If you hold your computer at a 38 degree angle to the light. And turn your head slightly to the left. And squint.




As I raise my freshly squeezed glass of carrot juice and praise my very small step in the right direction, I also have high hopes that the next month will bring a much bigger result.

Stay healthy and appreciate the baby steps,


And It Begins

You know that really annoying phrase “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”? Well I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fat. I just had my second child almost 8 weeks ago and the other day, with the baby weight from two children still loitering around my midsection, thighs, arms, face …(you get the picture), I told my best friend “I’m done being fat.” Completely over it. Can’t take it any more. A fork has just appeared along my path of life and I’m choosing to take the healthy road. And I hope you’ll join me. As I go from where I am now to where I hope to be, I invite you along for the ride. Whether you hope to get into shape as well, or are just curious about my progress, I officially fling the doors of my personal struggles and successes wide open.

I was never overly heavy as a kid or in high school but I certainly wasn’t a bean pole, or even in shape for that matter. Sure, I was involved in mildly physically active organizations like danceline and the first few practices of indoor track each year but it more for the socialization and less for the physical activity. My lowest post-high school weight is was in the mid 130′s but now I’m consistently tipping the scales at 200 or more. Yikes! And on my 5’4″, I’m just pounds away from the BMI chart label of “morbidly obese”. Double Yikes! Sure, when my BMI considered me “over weight” I thought, “Eh, I’ve always had a little extra weight on me, I can lose it, no problem and certainly no biggie.” And then when my BMI revealed I was obese I chalked it up to baby weight, a temporary set back. Again, no problem, no biggie. But morbidly obese? MORBIDLY OBESE?? That’s something other people are labeled as, just like a house fire or the loss of a spouse are things that happen to someone else. We know these life-altering events affect the lives of others but not ourselves. Until you look at the scale nearly 8 weeks postpartum and you’re still more than 50 pound over your healthy weight.

So, here my journey begins. My goal is to not only get fit and lose weight (I’d love to see 130 again!) but to do so in the same way I try to approach everything in my life, simply, naturally, and holistically.

Your support is what I’m hoping will keep me going.

So stay healthy and thanks for reading,